OK cool, makin' paper, fool. Gonna roll up on that MF'er and get paid!

(Do you understand Lamar yet? :D)

Played golf with a random yesterday. This guy (or girl) was in the most whacky get up with what looked like blood all over the face. I was dressed in a suit. And we played in the pouring rain and winds were 8-10 every hole. Horrible conditions for a round of golf. What a hoot. Very pleased the other player stuck in there right to the end. I don't know why, but I kept expecting him/her to quit.

The warehouse I want is GTA$2,735,000 since freakin' nightclubs are on sale. I'm paying a premium for location, and to not own the most popular one, which is at least as important I think. I made it to 2.5 million in the bank yesterday. I've been playing every day and tend to make 100-200k per day so it takes a while to get anywhere doesn't it? If we can pull off the heist that money will be very welcome!

I ran da numbas on the vehicles warehouse business.... at first I was shocked! I have to sell 34,000 cars to break even on the investment!

Then I realized I divided by 80, not 80,000 Doh!

So if I buy the warehouse for $2,735,000 and only sell modified high end vehicles for 80 thousand dollars a shot, that's 34 cars sold to break even. That isn't so bad. Of course you have to source these cars, and you want to get your 10 unique low-end and 10 mid-range cars to start sourcing only top end. That will take a good deal of time, let's guess a week of everyday, semi-focused play. Once those requirements are satisfied then it's pure profit from that point on. There is a 20-minute cooldown on solo selling a single car. So at most you can do three per hour. Plus, damages will eat in to that total, for something a bit less in practical, not theoretical terms.

This means a dedicated player focusing on his work can do something like sell three high end cars per hour for $240k, and then run three Sightseers or Headhunters during the cooldowns for another $75k, meaning a very doable, yet theoretical, $315k per hour.

Of course I don't see being nearly so efficient as I get distracted by shiny things, but a rate of 200-250k per hour seems quite reasonable without grinding. Considering that's the high end of my current profits per day, it's a nice bump in income for sure. And it's also true that your stock is finite, so more sourcing will need to be run continually, it's not just sell, sell, sell.

If a player didn't care about location, or access or whether there is a higher probability of campers and griefers, or just wanted the least costly option or judged other properties superior, then the warehouse in La Mesa at $1.5 million is even better. At 80k per pop, that's just 19 high end cars sold to make back your investment. This fails to factor in interior upgrades, money lost through damages, or selling cars other than high end or with no out-of-pocket modifications.

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure