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I may be out of date then ... my version is January 2018. This is the version currently available from Sandbagger's MODS website. I see there is a newer version (V1.7) now listed at the start of this thread so will get that one. (Edit: got V1.7 and it doesn't seem to have a readme file?)

I did find the campaign mission files after some fumbling around on my own, so all good.


Hah! No wonder you were confused! The January 2018 version is a bit of a jumble; that is why Robert and I decided to update it with the April 2018 version. I'm surprised the January version is still on Sandbagger's site, I will have to get in touch with him in order to replace it with the latest version. I wonder how many people (at least those who bother to read a readme file) are still using the out of date version?

Jara, I am always happy to do anything I can to improve the ME in any way I can. Thank you again for bringing this wonderful tool to WOFF!

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