Oden, still up for a little action this evening? I have to get my hair cut right after work, but should be able to be on around 6pm eastern.

Want to try the first heist? The Fleeca job? Just need the two of us, and I guess would take around an hour?

Here's a good description of what needs to be done. Ignore if you want no spoilers


If we decide to do this, we have to decide on a host (doesn't matter to me) and all you need to be is level 12 and own a high end apartment, and we both qualify. We need to choose roles, and we need to decide on how to split the haul. It seems that the common wisdom is the host gets 40% and the other three get 20%. This is due to the fact that the host has upfront costs to fund the heist. When it's a two-man job we can just go 60-40 I suppose.

The 'driller' role is also the hacker, and it seems in this heist it can be challenging, though it also seems that there is unlimited time to get it done. The other guy is the driver and crowd control.

If you're not in to running the heist, that's cool too. I think the take would be around 100k a piece (150k if we do it on Hard), plus I think you get an additional 100k for doing it for the first time. So 200k for an hour's work, and would get me over the line for the warehouse purchase smile

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