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Scout, which version of the readme file do you have? The last revision is dated 15 April 2018 and has the instructions at the beginning and the change log at the end. It also has several revisions and additions which should make it easier to read and understand.

In any event, your post has made me decide to release another update to the readme (with Jara's permission). The new revision will include a table of contents to make navigation easier.

Finally, the WOFF_Camp_Mission.xml file is usually found in the OBD Software\WOFF\OBDWWI Over Flanders Fields\Missions\Historical folder.

I may be out of date then ... my version is January 2018. This is the version currently available from Sandbagger's MODS website. I see there is a newer version (V1.7) now listed at the start of this thread so will get that one. (Edit: got V1.7 and it doesn't seem to have a readme file?)

I did find the campaign mission files after some fumbling around on my own, so all good.


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