Just wanted to say that after ignoring this mod for a long time (I didn't want to make my WOFF playing 'complicated'), I have been using it in my Deep Immersion DID campaign and it is great!! Thanks you for creating it! I love being able to edit the waypoints particularly. I also find it slows me down and forces me to really mentally digest the mission before flying.

One small improvement I could suggest is a way to make decisions like 'fully populate airfields?', 'apply Buckeye Bobs horizon fix?, and 'apply non-default wind? a one time tick-box rather than having to do it every mission.
A second small improvement is when deleting waypoints, to have the program jump to the next waypoint rather than the previous waypoint so you can more quickly delete a series of waypoints rather than having to keep hitting 'next waypoint' button each time.
At the risk of sounding nit-picky, the readme file is a bit of a jumble ... several pages of changelog was just jibberish to me as a first time reader. I also had a very hard time finding where the campaign mission files are stored and the readme wasn't much help.

All that is minor stuff and just some ideas if you ever go further with this. As it sits, the Mission Editor is really a fantastic creation and I am finding it super useful!!