Oden, I am thinking they tweaked the triggers for NPCs placing bounties on you, because after all the time I've played, I got bountied for the only car I stole last night. $3,000 at that. I simply stayed in invite and nothing at all happened. I guess only players collect bounties, the NPCs don't care.

I checked the Events page today and all of last week's bonuses are over, but no new ones are posted. I'm hoping whatever they do aligns with my plan. So far I've been really lucky. Offices were on sale when I was ready to buy one, and Buzzards were on sale when I was ready for one of those. Those two sales saved me about 1.8 million. Now I need warehouses to go on sale.

Hangars were on sale last week and I'm proud that I was able to resist pulling the trigger and sticking to the plan smile

Edit: I saw that this week the Events are delayed until tomorrow, something to do with Valentne's Day it seems.

And more about the nightclub...not sure if Bong gave you any feedback, but from what I can tell they are good to have, but really only once you've set up other businesses. The main benefit of the nightclub is to produce product used in your other ventures, if I understand it all. So this is one to save until your empire has grown a bit.

Evidently the crate business is the best money maker, but I thought stealing cars would be more interesting so that's the route I chose. Plus, when I first got in to GTAO I saw myself as running a stolen car ring, even before I knew how or if it could be done. It's mostly absent from single player, but Online makes up for it.

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