Dbond you are new, so enjoy it, there are far more race now since the last two updates, but a year ago there was barely any tracks other then the ones released (also no one plays them).
Problem with online is too many cars shooting rockets, really makes unfair fight, or the the flying motorcycles with rockets....when it was only planes it was bearable, also most activity dont net you enough money.....and the business only work while you are online, takes too long, and you risky being killed while in transport by one of those rocket vehicles or a SATELLITE BEAM OF DOOM !
sure mind you, there are servers dedicated to help players make money, with no agression but, if you need this then the game failed. i was very excited about the possibility to attack other players and steal their cargo, or fight off whoever tried the same,in the beggning we would make blockades, with heavy vehidles i in the street to force them to slow down like the movies, follow with a sniper on the helo trying to get the driver, but when you add all those destruction vehicles, its not fun anymore,they will simply blow your cargo and thats 16h you wasted.

i havent been online for a year and half, i'm having way more fun modding the single player to my level of experience, modifying guns parameters, damage given by guns so peds dont die in one shot in the leg/feet, how much kinect impact each bullet does, so people die realistically, cars handlings, adding more vehicles, geting script for smarter AI, more peds, more variety in the world.
Online seems dead in comparison. i really wish they had implemented the boss system better, so that a "family" would control part of the city with businnes and there would be a turf war to get their business netting you a bonus so all players would be engaged in this contantly moving war zone.

i always play tactical as you can see here, so it kinda frustrate me the way online is.


this is another frustration i see,rockstar only care to stop cheat that affect their micro transaction,otherwise its every new patch isa wave ban then new acounts full of hack again