I watched it without sound (at work). Gotta agree with most of what I saw,

What about the loading screens? Stilt houses have different, more annoying screens? Take longer? Some of the stuff shown there was essentially vanity stuff like the Swift and Luxor.

But I still think the stilt houses are cool (although I don't know why the guy here didn't like them). Compared to some of the other properties they aren't a good value. But that's not everything. There's no way really to justify spending 4X the amount of a lower high-end apartment from a cost or function viewpoint. But from a role-play perspective why not? Who doesn't want to live in the Hollywood Vinewood Hills once they've made it? biggrin

I might buy one one day just for a place to spend the weekends and throw decadent parties for my friends.

(Lots to do before then though)

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