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Escape by helicopter, haha neat - I need to buy one.

It's worth it. Many players say that they think it's the best purchase they have made. One guy said it was the best thing he's bought in any game ever, Get a Buzzard. They are on sale right now, but it's still over a million. Once you have an office and are CEO you can rent these anytime but at a fee (25k?). When you own it, you can call it for free. There are other options as well since it's also a Personal Aircraft once you buy one. I like this one because of the clear side canopy, but it does cost 200 to call it in from Pegasus (small potatoes) and you have to drive to the nearest helipad. CEO Buzzards spawn right next to you.

I use it all the time. One of the CEO/VIP missions is called Sightseer. You have to collect three briefcases spread around the map in 15 minutes. You have to complete a mini-game (hacking) which reveals each location in turn and then you go pick it up. No shooting or cops. The Buzzard means you can do it much faster than in a car or on a bike. It pays 25k.

I think after an apartment, the best thing to get is an office and then either a cargo or vehicles warehouse, since this is where you make the money. A solo player can make about 240k/hour running export missions. Or less if you're me and you do one and then spend an hour flying around goofing off. Once you have this up and running, the income is there for toys.

You mentioned the nightclub yesterday and Bong could tell you more about that, and whether it's a good investment or not. Personally, I see it as one of the last things I would get, if at all.

I need another 600k to get my warehouse, and that will take until the weekend (and then I get the bonus February money too). The last set of events runs through today and fingers are crossed that they discount warehouses this week! I keep checking their site in anticipation. It's killing me! smile

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