Speaking of racing... this is a pretty robust and fun racer. There is racing for every type of vehicle, planes, helos, jetskis, cars, bicycles, motorbikes, the works.

There are normal street style courses and also other variations such as transform, where what you are driving changes on the fly, and stunt races through and around fantasy tracks.

I really enjoy the street racing, especially motorcycles with traffic set to on. Anyone up for some racing, motorcycles in particular?

The street racing isn't popular online, I assume mostly because it doesn't pay all that much. But 3k for 3 minutes seems pretty good to me. And it's exciting, the money is a bonus. I was really liking the race called Going Down, which is a motorcycle point-to-point (not a lap race) through the city traffic, and includes a nice jump. Doing these races with a few friends would be awesome. I wish I had begun playing years ago when all of this stuff was popular.

Did anyone try this week's Time Trial at Del Perro Pier? I can't come anywhere near the par time. I used my modified Akuma which has a top end of just 110 MPH, but accelerates like a banshee and corners extremely well. Still 20 seconds off par it seems.

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