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That was fun yesterday fellas, thanks for joining.

Seeing all the stuff Bong has amassed was cool. Lots of supercars, specialty vehicles, and aircraft and properties. Can't even imagine the amount of money tied up in that.

If I keep playing eventually I'll have a micro-version of that. To duplicate it would take thousands of hours, a generous hacker or a number of Shark Cards smile

It was all a little too chaotic though. I need to be running with a little more decorum haha. Professional gangsta. Before Bong joined yesterday my character had killed 3 cops, and those were just 'him or me' situations. My goal is to conduct my business under the radar if I can. Sometimes the sh!t hits the fan and the lead starts flying, but for the most part I'm trying to keep a low profile.

After the session I had killed 36 cops. You see the shot posted of Bong using the mini-gun. Well, just after that the entire LSPD arrived and it was a war zone. Bong left in a chopper and I was there all alone fighting off waves of cops and helicopters. I wanted to spawn a chopper to make my own escape, but to do that I had to retire from Weed, become a CEO, and request the helo. While I was fumbling through the menus I was unceremoniously gunned down in the parking lot.

The Jetsons stuff was fun to see and play with, but flying cars and motorcycles, Up-and Atomizers and that sort of stuff is too far away from the gritty street crime vibe that appeals to me.

It's road map time. There is so much to do in this game, and most of it costs big money to get started. All of the properties and businesses cost significant sums. The resulting business work can be profitable however. It's important though, considering the cost involved, to make good choices and have things to do that will appeal to the player. It's no good to spend millions and end up having to grind missions you hate.

So with that in mind I've made some choices of the stuff I want to buy and the businesses I want to start. It costs a lot of money and will take time. And the order is still in doubt. Here's what I want to get next

-- Vehicle Warehouse. This enables you to run an Import/Export business. You need to have an office first. I have already purchased Lombank so that's taken care of. Sourcing and selling cars is one of the best money makers in the game. Selling the cars requires a public server. But I'm no longer averse to this. There are ways to mitigate the pitfalls, and now that I have some experience and rank, with better gear it's not so bad in public. I'm aware of the 32-car trick to ensure I am selling only top-end. What remains is the choice of which warehouse to buy. Price is important, but I also value access, location, aesthetics and online popularity. The cheapest of anything attracts the most players, so I avoid that as these are the spots that tend to turn in to warzones on a public server. I also want to factor in proximity to my other properties. The closer everything is, the faster and easier it all becomes.

The La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse is my first choice. Location is quite close to my office, and it's close to the Marina helipad and the freeway. It has ample room to land a cargobob. But it's pricy at $2,735,000. Any other suggestions that don't revolve on price?

-- Hangar. I just love flying in this game. This is far and away the best helicopter map I've ever flown on in all the years I've been simming. Just so much fun. A hangar will allow me to get personal aircraft and modify them. This is very appealing to me. And from what I have read, the associated missions with the smuggling business are fun. There's money to be made here, but modest. It's not the sort of thing you purchase to make profits. But it seems fun, and that's what it all boils down to for me. And if I can make a little on the side all the better. Another perk is that doing smuggling missions unlocks lower prices for aircraft. If you want to start a collection, this can save millions of GTA Bucks.

So again, I have to choose the location. Fort Zancudo is one option, and would get me access to the military base (and no more wanted levels if I get too near). You can easily steal a tank or a jet. But on the other hand it seems silly to run a large criminal import/export business from a military base, and it's located to the north of the city. Not far, especially when flying of course. But from a roleplay POV it doesn't fit.

That leaves Los Santos International Airport and that's what I am leaning toward, though I could be swung with a compelling argument for Zancudo I think. The slightly-less-rundown hangar there is $1,525,000. This is much closer to my other properties and isn't a military base.

LSIA Hangar #1

In order to keep and modify the aircraft I steal buy I also need a workshop at the hangar. That's another $1,150,000.

Total cost is $5,410,000!! I don't have that much

So that leaves deciding on which to get first. I want the hangar first because I would enjoy it more, but the lower income means a longer wait for the vehicle warehouse. If I go warehouse first I can have both a little sooner I think. The frequent sales will help (hangars on sale at the mo) and may shape which direction I go first.

Not really interested at this point in any of the other business ventures, Getting these two up and running should cover me for a long time.

Edit: It's gotta be the warehouse. I'll put the hangar off and make it my reward for running a successful stolen car ring driving

get used to it...every update they give you previously like 1 million to get you wet and ask 6, 10 million for each new vehicle. i'm tired of grinding,so i just kill people like a serial killer......i much prefer to have focus on turf wars and the busines competition, than those ridiculous saint row esque vehicles and story they came up for online.