Oh yeah... go to the internet and the Legendary Motorsports website. Sort by price and find the Annis Elegy RH8 (if set to ascending price it will be the first one since it's FREE!) Buy this car. smile

Make sure there is one open slot in your garage, which, according to your post, may not be as you've become quite the car thief biggrin

I think you should aim to get in to the Import/Export business down the line. I will also be partaking in that line of work. Once I can afford to get in that is.

Aside from the Akuma bike I recommended earlier, I'll add the Bati 801. At 15k this one is also a snip. I bought one now that I can actually ride the bikes well. It's faster than the Akuma, but doesn't accelerate or handle as well but looks fantastic, nicer than the Akuma in my view.. And it sounds like a moped. But it is extreme performance for a bargain basement price. It's interesting how they did the vehicles Some of the best ones are ridiculously inexpensive. And others are ridiculously expensive and aren't all that great.

A few random screens I've snapped in the past few days

I've been flying the helicopter often. Can I increase FOV in aircraft? Everything's done in first person

[Linked Image]

It's a thug's life. Arriving at my chopper to go on a mission

[Linked Image]

Cruising in the Elegy

[Linked Image]

Preparing for takeoff on a Sightseer mission

[Linked Image]

Anitaliasing was off as I experimented with some stuff, so please excuse that.

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