Got myself an apartment now but not as stellar views as you DBond.
Pretty good side view towards the Golf Club but the main view over the beach is blocked by a bloody Bank complex.
I need some good TNT for that.

10 car garage with 7 vehicles currently - that's what I'm doing at the moment, out stealing cars (shame on me).
Found a Pontic Firebird I think it is, I'm not that good with cars, and it had pretty good handling so I drove by a paint shop and had it yellow and blue to make it my swedish car - anti-volvo as I now call it.

Unless my private profile blocks it you can view it here:

Also got me a cab (possible mercedes?) that sounds just raw and awesome and by far my best car to date.

Doing good so far, I can still work on my driving skills (as you well know DBond haha) but I'm getting there.
I think I manage high speed mental driving on the highways better than downtown zig-zag mayhem.

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