Check this link. Very useful for choosing a property.

GTAO Property Database

You could simply buy a garage to get the Elegy, with no living quarters. Cheapest one is the one on Popular Street for just 25k (2 cars). But a fool needs a place to crash right?

124 Popular Street Garage

Cheapest Apartment is 112 S Rockford Drive . Not the best neighborhood. Poor schools. Well water. That one is 80k

One of the ones I was considering is 4 Hangman Ave . Eventually I decided to just hold out for high end. But I liked this one aside from the access, twisty roads. Not far from Franklin's house in single player. But it's 175k so probably better to hold out. Still, a good location, aside from the access, a nice back yard and a 6-car garage.

If I were looking for a low end I would probably choose 1115 Boulevard Del Perro . 2-car garage, price is a reasonable 93k. Good location near the beach, and a couple of blocks from my office (and my helicopters)

"With a funky retro decor and carpeted throughout, you can literally smell the history in this Del Perro apartment that features an almost unobstructed ocean view for an almost unbeatable price. Includes 2-car garage."

If you don't buy one today, we can jump in the Buzzard and go on a tour of the properties you are considering tomorrow.

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