This is how our session went, in case anyone is wondering what it's like. Of course, this was the first time for either of us to try this.

We met up on SimHQs Team Speak. There are in game comms, which we will try, but we wanted to be sure we could work through connection issues. Of which there were none!

We had set one another as friends in the Social Club, and once I launched the server I needed to send an invite to my man Oden, which he saw straight away and was able to join me, this took just seconds. Once Oden was in, I jumped in a helo (Buzzard) to go pick him up and take him on a sightseeing cruise. Spotted him and landed in the middle of the street. But he was unable to get in my helicopter. Oden alt-tabbed out to search a solution, but not immediately found. After logging off later, I looked it up. The reason you couldn't get in Oden was because I used the CEO menu to spawn that choppa. Only players in my organization can get in CEO vehicles. That associate request I sent would have fixed it (you would become my employee) , but we didn't get around to accepting it, as we jumped in one of my cars and went looking for action.

I can spawn a Buzzard for free from the CEO menu, but with the organization restriction described above. Or I can call Pegasus to get one, but that has a $500 fee. Not a lot of money, but more than free. So that's worked out, and means if you want a helo I can spawn one for you, or you can join my setup and enter these vehicles. So we can fly around in our own private helicopter squadron if we want smile

So we leave the helicopter there in the street and steal a car nearby and head to my place. Oden's in the market for his own digs, so I want to show him mine so he can get an idea of what the high end apartments are like. We drive in to the garage, and go to use the elevator to go upstairs. But Oden is denied. I suggest he go around front and ring the bell, while I go upstairs. He does and my bell rings and a menu comes up and I can let him in and give him a quick tour. At this point my dog is crossing his legs and so we need to take a break, which is why you see us watching Princess Robot Bubblegum. After Oden left later I sold the 'taxi' we borrowed for 3 grand.

I asked Oden if he wanted to try a mission and he was keen, so we fired up a contact mission (Where Credit's Due), which is easy. Steal a pink Zion from a beauty salon and drive it back to the dealership, evading the cop response along the way. I drove to the location and Oden drove the mark, with me in the passenger seat. Oden drove it like he stole it and lost the cops like a pro and back to the delivery spot. A cool 10k payout apiece plus the rank points.

In the vote screen right after we chose the mission Rockford Roll, which is another car steal mission. It loads in seconds and we are off to the location. We spot a shady looking car around the corner with a couple of guys sitting it in looking like the Feds, earpieces and dark suits. So Oden hops out and I place my car in front of the Fed's car, so if they try to pursue, they will need to negotiate the obstacle and buy us some time to get away.

We jump in the mark car with me driving. Again we evade the cops, return the car, 10 k plus points. Easy money.

It's rather late in Svendeland so we do one more, this time with a little gunfire. It's a straightforward mission (Pier Pressure) to take out some bangers under Santa Monica Pier and steal their meth. I asked Oden about his weapons and he had just the pistol, so we drive to Ammunation and Oden buys a nice assault rifle. Then off to the beach.

We come up with a tactical plan and open fire, gunning them all down. I take a number of hits and have to change my armor, but we both live through it and Oden grabs the meth and we drive it back to the delivery spot. This one payed out 15k plus points and Oden got a good amount of ammo from the dead esses. So in about 30 minutes we made 35k and Oden ranked up like three times. Good stuff.

Time was limited since it was late. We wanted to play some golf, but time ran out. We will do that Sunday, and I'd like to try some racing too. We are looking to play around noon eastern tomorrow so PM or post if you want to join us. As mentioned in my last post, I was surprised by how well everything went. Connections are fast and smooth, the invite/join stuff is fast, missions load quickly. No troubles. To have everything go so well on the first try is fantastic, and I am looking forward to tomorrow. Got some money to make smile

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