Maybe "coop" as we old farts prefer isn't a thing anymore?

Anyhow, as you say evading cops is not by going fast but making the right turn and stay clear of their cones, just got away after catching a bounty-dude driving a not-sure-what-it-was but it looked like an old phone-pole repair mans best used vehicle (didn't bother to call insurance for my personal car after my latest failure) smile

But I got me another $10k at Maude's.
Level 5 now and a good way towards 6 (sounds like Wizard level 5 with a green lettuce hat.. or sorts of).

Also received a treasure "picture", is there any other clues than that low-pixel picture?
I mean, if it was Chernarus I would probably know exactly what spot it is and 7 different events I've had in the vincinity but here in this new world I feel a bit lost.

This is getting more fun the more I understand of it.

Btw, I have pretty severe loading times into Online mode, is it just me?

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