I'll enjoy it while it lasts smile

Oden and I might do a test this evening. If all goes well we are on for a Sunday romp. Anyone else want to get their gangsta on? Post here or PM me with your Social Club handle and I will add you. I will only add you if I know who you are so be sure to contact me about it. PC version of course.

As mentioned I see this as an open server for SimHQ members. Max is 30 players so no problems there. If you want to try/play GTAO but avoid the hackers and griefers this is the place to do it. The idea is no different really from our Falcon servers. An open server where you can do whatever you want, join others or go lone wolf. But I'll kick those who ruin it for the rest.

I've been gaming for 30+ years. I have played a lot of games. But few I have tried have the potential for pure fun that this one does when playing with friends. Oden and I are both low level, noobs really, so don't hesitate to join us even if you've never played or are low level yourself. Aside from the fun, payouts and rewards are increased when playing with friends/crew so you'll rank and get rich faster as well.

But we need to get it working first.

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