After doing the first Flight School test in the jet I exited and then hopped a security fence at the airport and stole a helicopter. Not really interested in fixed wings at this point. But i needed to see how flying helos with the controller was. This went well, though 'turbulence' is pretty bad. I thought it was my flying skill being so low, but apparently it's more to do with turbulence.

After that initial successful experiment, I bought a Buzzard attack helicopter. It's on sale at the mo (it was free at Christmas! Grrrr), And I then spent virtually the whole evening flying it around, getting the hang of it. I used it to run the Sightseer mission a few times. Easy peasy. Flying among the buildings downtown, or under bridges is good fun. Just wish it didn't wobble all over. It is exactly like being in a small boat in rough waters. Even in a hover it just bobs about. But the utility it will bring, the speed moving around the map will be a big help. Plus it's fun and imparts a certain cachet upon my character smile

In no time at all I was flying to my apartment or office and landing on the roof and then taking off to go somewhere else. The controller makes all the difference of course. Just wish I could use Track IR lol. I can actually spawn two Buzzards, so Oden can have one too.

I'm curious about the mechanics of getting a invite session going. I know how to launch the server, but the inviting and comms is a mystery, Does the in-game comms work flawlessly and automatically? I have the setting for comms as 'friends and crew' so I assume that when Oden joins my server we can talk just like that? This is why we need a grizzled GTAO vet to lead the way and make this seamless.

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