Another tip for quick, mostly-easy cash. Check the Daily Objectives. Every day there are three Daily Objectives. If you complete them you get 25k. If you do this every day for a week it's a 100k, and for a month 500k. Some days an objective might be one I won't get, like kill 20 players. But other days it's cake. Like yesterday, it was join a race, blow up 10 cars and go to the shooting range. I did the blow up 10 cars by running the Blow it Up missions which meant another 25k, so 50k in less than 30 minutes, not counting the cost of the explosives smile

Access this through the interaction menu (M by default) This is one of the most important menus, you'll be using it constantly, but as a new player it isn't obvious. Here you will eat snacks (restore health), put on body armor, put on a mask (use one when robbing stores!), access CEO/VIP missions and vehicles and lots more.

Anyone know of a good resource showing car paint jobs and the colors used? It would be good to be able to respray with less experimentation (and expense!)

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