Awesome, and I agree. First person has made the game fun for me. Especially combat, and moving during combat. Much better for me. I lose SA to a degree, a third-person player is going to see a lot more, but so what. Happy to hear you didn't hate it straight away smile

Yes, do some stuff and rank up. Get some wheels and a good weapon. Skills aren't important, but ranking up increases health, and that's vital, especially when we run heists. I had read it's 20% increase for every 10 ranks, but don't know if it's accurate.

Golf is good for rank points and increasing strength. No money in it though. Got 4350 RP for shooting a 66 yesterday. Easy points.

You'll be given a mission to bring a car to Los Santos Customs to claim your first permanent vehicle. Take your time and choose one that you think is cool. Don't be like me and drive in to LSC with a car you don't want. I started with a black Sentinel, but there are plenty to choose from. The Sabre is a popular first car, but not the best in first person, at least for me. The view is paramount if you also choose to drive in first person. So steal a bunch and try them out. You may be driving this car for a while (until you get a garage for the Elegy)

When ready to quit your session, be sure to choose 'Leave GTA Online' from the Online menu to be sure it saves your progress. It will take you back to story mode.

To avoid getting kicked for idling, bring up the internet on your phone and flip on one of the videos in the Entertainment section. Like Princess Robot Bubblegum. Some of these are really funny. That way you can go grab a drink or walk the dog or whatever and not worry about it.

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure