For readers holding off GTA due to console controllers and not sure KBM will help I will now assure your it does.
Just frigging amazing!

Enter game I play the intro for the 58th time but now 1st time with mouse (and 1st person) and it was all an old bitter ArmA player needed.
Suddenly I could hit things and got so eager I ran right into a cop hiding behind a car and I got headshotted or something - had to redo this intro just like I've done on PS4 so many times but now with a smile - sooo much easier.

First car theft as the black guy was a new game for a thumb-invalido like me, holy moses so much easier - first time I delivered the bloody car with the hood still on.

So, thank you DBond and Bong for making me installing this at last (Social Club was a hassle though, seemed I had an account on my email since earlier attempts and had to reset and God knows what to get this going)

Will try to become less nooby until weekend DBond, but I can not promise anything but you'll be the boss and answer for our success biggrin

(and yes, this is some steps away from hunting SA-6 launchers over Balkans haha)