Oden, once you are registered let me know what your gamertag is and I will add you in the Social Club. And anyone else that wants to join. We are going to give this a go on Sunday, not sure what time, but probably early afternoon eastern. I'll wait to hear from O.D (sounds street :)) and see when he is available. I envision this as an open SimHQ server, no requirement to join others in their shenanigans. But it's not a griefer's paradise, there are plenty of public servers to get your groove on if indiscriminate killing is your bag.

The main reason I want to get this going is to get a crew together to run the heists. So hopefully we can eventually get four of us, that are team and goal oriented, to run these and rake in the long dollars. Earlier I said that if you do the heists in order, with the same crew you get 10 million. But it actually is that, plus no deaths to get that big money. There is also a bonus for the first time you do a heist. So this should mean some really good money for those who take part. The first heist doesn't pay well, but it has no up-front costs to the host and only requires two bangers to run it.

Bonuses are like this:

First time - $100,000 (first try)
All in order - $1,000,000 (in order)
Loyalty - $1,000,000. (same crew)
Criminal Mastermind - $10,000,000. (all the above and no deaths)

For the first session at least though I suspect we'll just be feeling it out. Missions, golf, cruising, whatever. Just have fun and rip sh!t up. Make sure things go smoothly and work out any kinks. Struggling to figure out a good PTT solution. No four-way radio switch in my GTA setup biggrin Hoping to avoid open mic. What do others do? Thinking of one of the side buttons on my mouse that I never use for anything.

My tag in game is (edit: PM me). I will change it once I think of something sufficiently cool and street. Address is Richards Majestic apartment 51. Just ring the bell. I've set my stuff to be accessible to friends and crew. Don't steal my stuff.

If you're new, I'd recommend working towards an apartment. They are 100% not necessary. But it gives you a safe house, and a safe place to spawn. If it's one of the high-end ones you get the ability to hosts heists (has the planning board). But the main reason to get one (or simply a garage, even the two-car one) is so you can get the free Elegy RH8 sports car. It's easily one of the best performing cars in the game and great to have early and for free.

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