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I think a controller would really help you in this game DBond.

There's no doubt. Hoping I can get it working. Maybe I should just order a XBox controller and be done with it.

I'll give this another go and join you this weekend DBond.

Oh man, it's on now. Los Santos will never be the same smile

We can get you ranked up in short order, If you want to give it a go before then, this is how I start an Invite Only online session. Feel free to join public, but I'd recommend ranking up a bit first.

I start GTA to story mode. Once that loads, hit Escape click Online, and click play GTA Online. Double click actually and that will drill down to additional options like Solo, Friend Only, Invite Only. Solo is limited, but the other two are good. Actually I've only used Invite. Double click this and you are in GTA Online with no one else. Some missions with matchmake, but you are free to roam the gameworld, steal cars, rob stores, run missions, practice at the range and lots of other stuff. And you'll be ranking up as well. Be sure to set it to free aim (if you want/use a mouse) to get a 25% bonus to rank points

If you want to run missions, hit Escape, click Online then Jobs, Play Jobs, then Rockstar Created and finally Missions. More missions unlock with each new rank level, and there are only a couple available from Rank 5. But these are a good way to make money and gain rank, some easier than others. The ones to steal cars are good, and often you don't fire a shot. Just steal the car, evade the law and get the car to the dealership. Counterintuitively, the longer you take to do them, the more they pay. If you wait the full 15 minutes they pay the most. This way you can make 10-15k every 10 or 15 minutes and gain ranks quickly. If one were grinding, you'd try to do them one after the other every 4 minutes for the best money/minute. But I just take my time, make as much as I can and move on to a different thing.

If you play a bit before Sunday you'll get a car, some cash and weapons and maybe an apartment, garage and more. One of those Shark Cards can catch you up quick, but I am not recommending it.

Looking forward to it Oden, this will be a lot of fun. Quite a departure from evading SAMs over Belgrade isn't it? biggrin

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