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#%&*$# DBond, now I feel I missed out.
I did buy this on steam last autumn but when trying to start the game I was forced to join some retarded club to be allowed to use the game I just payed for and old and bitter as I am that was a no go and I did a refund.
Been watching the kids play this on playstation for years and thought it could be something casual when not having the effort for flight sims despite having trouble with controls on the kids PS but hoped KBM would solve that for me.

Reading your always detailed reports here makes me think it could have been what I hoped it to be.

Anyhow, please carry on - I'm reading with a smile

Rockstar Social Club isn't what you think, it's where you keep your friends list and it allows you to join on said friends. On the webpage for it is how I share my content that I make in the editor. And as an interface anytime there is some major update to get rid of hackers you have to sign in through it.
It has been a part of every online Rockstar Game for a while now

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