These games are really designed for use with a controller. I'm a big PC guy but I still have a wireless Xbox 360 PC controller as its the only choice for some games in my opinion. I still play all the older games like Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Hidden and Dangerous 2 and so on with mouse and keyboard as that's the only way to play and what they were designed for but some of these newer games are designed centered around a controller. Newer stealth games like the Styx series or the newer Tom Clancy titles benefit from a controller too. The controller gives you that slow analog movement control that you need. One of those will be perfect for a third person game where there's also driving and flying. However not every game gets the shooting mechanics, inputs and sensitives right with a controller either. Its rare to find a game that makes a controller intuitive and accurate across the board. I think a controller would really help you in this game DBond. Hopefully you can get that controller working. If not, the Xbox 360 controller is probably one of the best and its been invaluable to many of my PC games.