Having cleared the mountain of applications to play GTAO with me off my desk I realize I am about 4 years too late. Well the offer stands if anyone gets the itch. I really need 3 regulars, but looks like I will be spending more time with random fools. Actually, it's a mixed bag. I've had some really good runs with some random players, and had some turn out not well at all. That's the trouble, ya just never know and it's rather inefficient, to invest the time and have it all go titsup because the dude bails or gets killed in the opening seconds. I'm no GTA expert myself, but coordination helps a lot and a regular crew will get that down.

Hit rank 31, so decent progress, though ranks are unlimited and looks like there are players over rank 1000, so I am still a neophyte in the GTAO world. I've managed to gain a nice apartment in a luxury highrise complete with a huge garage, big screen TV and a bowl of fruit. Have three cars (GT-R knockoff (free), 3-series BMW knockoff (stolen) and a Grotti Carbonizarre, which looks mostly like a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta with maybe some Aston Martin styling thrown in. That one I bought with cash money. When I was just a low level street thug I dreamed of owning a Ferrari and now that I'm rollin' in it I splashed the cash. I also bought a street bike, an Akuma as it's called. Super inexpensive and very fast, but until I work out a controller, riding bikes is a bit of a mess on the kB+M.

Because I am playing strictly in first person, the cockpit view is very important. A high seat/low dash sort of arrangement works best and means some cars jut won't do. Especially muscle cars with the long bonnets.

A typical day starts with a round of golf, which is right around the corner from my digs. It's a 9-hole course and I play twice for 18. Usually shoot high-60s, shot a 66 yesterday. Golf is fun in GTA. From there I spend the day running missions like stealing cars, assassinations and retrieving various items for rich people. I also look for the Gang Attacks and get in to some combat. Maybe stop by the custom shop and add the latest unlocked mod, stop by the shooting range for a match against some random dude online, or just go for a cruise and rip through the streets at insanely high speeds.

One fun thing to do is hang out in the apartment where I am safe and watch the mayhem of the other players on the streets below. One rather entertaining helicopter dogfight took place right outside my window yesterday. People are nuts....

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure