Thanks, yes I bought an apartment and have the 10-slot garage and got the Elegy. A yellow one at that. It's quick and handles great. Really good car to have for free. My first car was a Sentinel, which was pretty OK, especially in the city. But top end was barely over 80 mph and that was too slow if I happened to be being chased on the freeway. So the upgrade to the Elegy once I bought my digs was a big bump in cop evasion ability.

The menu users just ruin it. I've been reading about it and how Take Two is going after these guys with the legal hammer. And how so many people are moaning about it. Boo hoo we can't mod. I expected a sh!t show in public but it easily surpassed my expectations. Really bad. That's why I need a crew and they can join my private server whenever I am on. And right now that's every night. East coasters would be particularly good. Well anywhere this side of Svendenland biggrin

The first heist is a two-man job right? Only need one more gangsta to run that one. But I'd be up for just about anything that doesn't include me piloting or stunt racing.

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure