This is true, as we have learned in Falcon. Svedenland is not well-placed honestly. It should be closer, but that's obvious.

But it all comes in to alignment on Sundays, don't ya know?

See here's the thing. As I said, sooner, or maybe later, I want to run the heists. For the cash money see? And if you complete them all, in order, and with the same crew you get an extra 10 mil. That's a lot of paper. So in order to cash in on this I need to get a crew together. So let's say there were three others beside me here who wanted to play GTA Online instead of endlessly discuss politics, movies and celebrities... just thinking out loud.... we could get together once a week on Sundays and get this done. Or just play golf or race jetskis...hang out at the strip club smoking ganja... just stop by the Richards Majestic, apartment 51 smile I'll host and even pay for the heist

But yeah, I know with times zones and the game being old and not everyone's cuppa, that I will not be successful in this quest. I don't want to play with randoms, but folks here so we can discuss it later over champagne and strippers. What's not to like. I'm just level 20 at this point, so a complete noob. Come noob it up with me

Apply within

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure