Oden my man, how's things?

It's not too late, we can rob banks and cause mayhem together ya know. thumbsup

Base jump off buildings, race motorcycles, steal drugs from local gangs and cruise the streets in our rocketsleds.

Yeah,, that's Rockstar's Social Club you're talking about. It's required on PC to sign up, but it does net you a few goodies, like the free GT-R, and there are some tie-ins to RDR 2. I just registered and that's it. Log-in is automatic and not intrusive at all.

I've done it all with no micro-transactions. I just bought the base game and that's it. Sometimes the game is bundled with a 'Shark Card', which is a way to pay real money for GTA cash, but as I found it's just a shortcut and progression in the game is fine without spending any additional cash.

I was reading some articles about GTA 5. It is the highest-grossing entertainment thing ever. Not franchise, but as a single release nothing has ever made more money, films included. They've also made 500 million in microtransactions alone and sold 90 million copies of the game. Good grief.

There was one player on a forum who said he has bought $3,000 in Shark Cards. SMDH.

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure