Those contact missions are the way to go. Most take about 5 minutes and net decent cash and cred. The grind was mentioned earlier and so far it's not been a problem at all. Compared to other grindy games, like Elite for example, GTA is a lightweight. Some things are really overpriced, like clothing. But other stuff, like cars and properties are quite reasonable.I've been playing online for just a few days and already have a pretty good ride (the free Elegy/GT-R), a good arsenal and a luxury high-rise apartment complete with a 10-car garage and a view of the beach and the golf course smile I like playing the golf in this game so I set up shop right next to the course. It's a trendy address.

As a KBM player I've grown accustomed to the controls, the combat and land vehicles are no trouble. But I just can't fly well with a keyboard setup, especially the fixed-wing stuff. Gotta get a controller. I have Dual Shocks and XBox One controllers in the house. Which way to go? The XB1 would be plug and play but the Dual Shock requires some additional software? Would my Cougar work with GTA? Would there be any issue in having a controller set up just for aircraft, but use the KB+M for the rest?

The hybrid way of playing the game is great. I can control how much I am in with other players and how much I am in a private server. The mix works well and eliminates the frustration of griefers and D-bags. I would play in public free mode more if the dots were gone. If there was a setting where the markers for the players were eliminated it would go a long way toward making it more fun.

The additional content is awesome. I didn't think I'd get very far playing public, and after the initial exposure that proved true. If there were no way to play privately I would have given up already I think. Public free mode is the sh!t can, the lowest common denominator. With all of the hackers on top of it it's pretty bad. But being able to play in peace, and occasionally choose to join others for various missions works really well.

Eventually I will want to try the heists, but for that I need help. So if anyone is interested in hooking up and making serious fooking paper let me know biggrin There's no way I am going to try that with randoms online.

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