I think I'll have a look at the contact missions. I was trying to get these by calling the dude or waiting for them to contact me but I see I have to go in to the Jobs section. These look to be a good way to make quick rep and cash, but at level 6 there are only a few open to me I think.

Found this today. Old news for vets, but for anyone like me just starting out there is some good info here, though perhaps some if it may be out of date?

GTA Online Mega Guide

After reading stuff today I think maybe i should forgo the starter garage and go straight for a luxury apartment. I can have 200 grand by tonight so that seems to be the best bet. I get a safehouse plus a garage.

I also see conflicting info on whether PC players get the free Elegy (Nissan GT-R). Perhaps it's been changed a time or two. I'll find out once I buy something with some garage space.

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