Thanks Bong! Good to have an experienced player around. I'm a long way from level 100. Making money has been slow. I have about 100 grand now from my shady shenanigans. I somehow lost 54,000 though. I have six $9,030 charges on my bank account. The only thing I see that sells for that amount is the extended mag for the marksman rifle, a weapon which I bought. I also bought six 'boxes' of ammunition. But it looks like I got charged the extended mag price instead of the 100 bucks the rounds should have cost. Bummer. It's possible I screwed up, but if I actually bought the x-mag my rifle would hold 16 rounds instead of the 8 it does. Not sure what happened, but that's a big loss at this stage.

What goals should a new player be looking to reach? I'm thinking a garage first to get the Elegy or whatever it's called.

I became a VIP but don't know how to benefit from that at this point. Are there any jobs there that I could do solo without matchmaking?

What's menu user? Is that another term for a hacker? One server I joined it was snowing. Is that a dead giveaway?

I'm sorta in limbo as I am running out of the easy solo missions and liquor store robberies don't pay much. I do them more for the rank. Stealing cars is fun, but not much money there and you can only do one per day. I can call Simeon, but the 'request job' is locked. How do I start getting his repossession missions?

If you are ever up for hooking up to complete some of the co-op jobs let me know. I don't trust any of the fools I've been running in to.

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