so the Online game is a bit of a grind especially as a lone wolf, but essentially it gives you prompts for everything from your criminal contacts (which you can turn most of off after a while). Once you get to a certain level and filled bank account you can purchase businesses from which you can run your criminal enterprise that includes car theft missions of high end iron, which makes the most money quickly at first so it's a great start, you have to become a CEO (only the most expensive rides should be sold the rest just sit in your special chop shop garage). Many times there are special events which earn you double, Stunt Races, Death Matches, Arena Races etc you can access custom content made in the editor by going to the Social Club webpage or if someone puts them up in game. My in game name is KurtBong, add me and you can find my Stunt Races as well as others by bookmarking them and then pulling them up in game. I'm not sure but I think you have to reach level 100 before you have access to certain weapons/jobs but they removed a lot of restrictions a while back. I have been seeing a lot of new players of low rank so if you can find a few to run missions with it can help you and yes, unfortunately there are some menu users still about and they usually can be detected in game by finding random weird objects show up in odd places, I just find a new session, however if there is no one in the session your missions have way more NPC's attacking you than if there are a few randoms around. The game prompts you to attack each others jobs but I usually leave them alone as long as they do the same.

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