My son plays Crew 2 on the PS4 and has a blast. He plays Forza Horizon 4 too which I got him for Christmas (but on XBox One, he is spoiled)

I played more GTAOSwE (Grand Theft Auto Online Solo with Exceptions) yesterday. Trying to build up some rank and cash and kit. Managed to get to rank 6 which unlocked a lot of stuff and I can play golf now smile

The exceptions are the fact that even though I am in a private server alone, I can at any time choose a mission and the matchmaking fills the spots with other players and I did that a few times. But once the mission is over it reverts to my private server so I can roam freemode in peace. Had a few really good missions with the dudes I was matched with. So that works pretty well and is sort of a hybrid SP/MP way to enjoy this game.

Aside from a few of these co-op missions, the main way I've leveled so far is bounty hunting (there are only a few, and I managed to accidentally kill one of the targets which cost me ten grand), stealing and selling cars and robbing liquor stores. That's fine for now but sooner or later I'm gonna need a crew to run some of the better missions.

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