Yeah I had read that online pricing is insane, and so you need to grind the money to afford it. Not a put-off in of itself, I do play Elite Dangerous after all smile

But no appeal in having progress erased by internet psychopaths who just affix a sticky bomb to the new car you played weeks to afford. There's insurance and all, but still.

And with the game being so old now, I doubt I'd find a group of friends wanting to play. I think I'll pop in and see what's what. I don't expect to find a great time, but nothing ventured...I suppose ya never know (but can take an educated guess). Not in to pick-up crews, so not sure there's really much for me in GTA:O.

I wasn't expecting to like the game as much as I did, nor to be as impressed as I was with the game world. Just looking for a little more content and since there is no SP DLC, online is my last option.

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