Truly fantastic work Sandbagger, the detail is amazing. I do hope you're close to finishing it up as I imagine Robert is getting itchy for it. Also, you should take a little break after this one before you start on mine, because I can wait. winkngrin

As to the idea that our resident artisan here has some futuristic process that is allowing him to shrink down the real thing, well, there are a couple of problems with that. First, he would need to have a beautiful, full-sized example at his disposal to shrink down. Second, while you cannot reduce the size of the atoms themselves, you could theoretically reduce the space between said atoms in any given object, thus reducing its overall size. However, this would result in --- class --- anyone, anyone --- class --- a miniaturized object with the same mass as its full-sized counterpart. You would need a desk to display it on capable of supporting half a ton. And pray to God it does not roll off that desk and land on the cat, unless of course you don't care for the cat in which case not a problem - except for the cat.


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