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Welcome to the Wings Over The Reich Zwei Guys Challenge!

See, back in the day, we used to have these things called Rick Rawlings Challenges…according to some people, they put hair on your chest. That is completely unproven, but many people are saying…
Anyway, I have been singing that #%&*$# song in my head for two months now, and I figured that if I had the song, might as well have the challenge to go with it…

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For this challenge, you will be flying for Germany as a (quite frankfurterly!) underappreciated member of JG 54’s schwarm zwei.

In order to participate in this challenge you must:
1. Declare your interest and intent in this thread on or before Wednesday, January 30, 2019.
2. Create a pilot using the manual squad creation option with a start date of August 15, 1940, flying for Germany in JG 54 as a flieger .
3. Commit to flying 3-6 missions per week with this pilot, but no more than one per campaign day.
4. Report at least every weekend in this topic thread with his current successes or failures.
5. Faithfully communicate to your brethren the falling of your avatar when such event actually transpires.
6. Have a lot of fun!

Please enter your pilot at this link:
Pilot Questionnaire
Please update this survey after every few missions, or at least once a week!

This is kind of a "Who's Line Is It Anyway" sort of affair where we try to have fun with good people.
Reporting can be by any of the following methods:
-Text is good
-Pictures are better
-Videos are what this sim is made for!

There were some great reports and pictures and vids in the previous challenges, so look over them if you want some ideas!

This is single elimination, so one death and you are out. Keep in mind that even if you are not playing "dead is dead" in the workshop, at the end of each mission it will still tell you that "Sadly, your pilot has died" if his injuries were fatal so you don't need to switch your settings for this. Keep in mind that if you land in England or the channel, you may be captured and the war over for you. So be careful up there!

When you set up your pilot, click on "Manual Squad Deployment" in the lower right hand corner of the enlistment page. Set up the following screen so it looks like this:

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Missions: +2 point each
Time survived: +2 points each week
Confirmed kill: +3 points each
Becoming an ace: +5 points (only once)
Promotion: +5 points each promotion
Medals: +3 points each
Survive to end of Challenge: +10 points
Wounding: -8 points each occurrence

This challenge will have a have a hard end date of Friday, March 1st. (love Februarys!) That gives us four weeks exactly. You can have a maximum of 24 missions total. Then we can tally the points and declare a winner. You are certainly free to continue to fly your pilot after that if still alive, but for point determination, we need a cut-off date.

The Fine Print: (Rules)
You may use whatever aids you are used to using. Wind should be set to “On”. Please set your weather to “Historical Weather”. Flight model should be realistic and you should have weapons jams and limited ammo and all that jazz...
Feel free to lead your flights if you want!

The point is to have fun and we had outstanding support and sportsmanship from all fliers in previous challenges and we would love to see some new faces!

As far as time advancement, please follow these guidelines:

Allow time to advance as normal except fly no more than one mission per campaign day (time advance manually as necessary)
For every promotion, advance five campaign days.
For becoming an ace, advance five campaign days

*After each mission, please advance forward to the next day to avoid flying more than one sortie per day.
At the end of the challenge, I will tabulate the winning pilot overall and declare him the Zweiest Guy Around!
There will be some small prize for winning, look here in the future for more information!

There is a good opportunity here to get your scouts painted up in a fine livery. The system looks similar to what is in WOFF with the addition of needing to make a damage skin overlay to go with it. The damage skin template is in each aircraft folder, maybe Robert or someone would be kind enough to jump on here and give a quick overview.

Here's a link to the Youtube video on WOFF skinning:

Official challenge start time is Friday, Feb 1st: whenever that starts local to you, grab some QC time in your birds and we’ll be off!

The prize for the winner will be:
a choice between:
The Most Dangerous Enemy: A History of the Battle of Britain by Stephen Bungay
With Wings Like Eagles: The Untold Story of the Battle of Britain by Michael Korda
Battle of Britain 1940: The Luftwaffe’s ‘Eagle Attack’ (Air Campaign) by Doug Dildy

I will update this area with pilots and scores as the challenge progresses, so you can always check here for the latest info.

List of Pilots:
Rick Rawlings


Strikethrough indicates a pilot's demise or permanent capture, d.n.p. = did not participate, number to the right of the pilot is the final score

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