10 December 1914

Filimor Hance writes: "1108: Routine patrol. Another lovely day. 1 hour 17 minutes."

Noel Kay writes: "1240: The sun is back. Routine patrol. South of Lens the engine started giving off a horrible screeching sound. We managed to find a nearby airfield. Their mechanics determined that we had a bearing going bad. It should be repaired tomorrow. 1 hour 11 minutes."

Gonneham, No 4 Sqdn RFC
Official Report: "Sergeant Ries Meismer was killed in a landing accident today, at 1253 hours.After twelve days on restriction for a prior landing accident, Sgt Meismer was practicing take-offs and landings when on approach to the field and apparently watching the low hedge that caused his crash on the 27th November he became distracted and flew straight into a tree. The family, of Launceston, Cornwall, UK, will be notified."

Corrigan Aujla writes: "Second day a Ypres. Captain Williamson and I had a good long talk about the future of The War and Aerial Reconnaissance. I'm hobbling around with a cane but feeling better quickly."

Odis Först writes: "We had a clear day today. We didn't do any flying, but Ltn Boelcke received a brand-new Fokker two-seat monoplane from the factory, courtesy of Lt Parschau, Herr Fokker's leading trainer. We all turned out to watch him give his fellow officers a ride. The machine is unusual in that its seats are side-by-side rather than fore-and-aft."

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