7 December 1914

Saint-Pol-Sur Ternoise
Noel Kay writes: "0948: Much nicer today. Constant artillery all down the line. 1 hour 11 minutes."

Gonneham, No 3 Sqdn RFC
Corrigan Aujla writes: "1258: More time in the Morane. Some more touch-and-goes. 22 Minutes.

1352: Took off for patrol. Engine quit over Houthulst Forest. Tried to turn back to Ypres. Couldn't clear the trees. No injuries sustained in the crash, but the BE is stuck up in the tree and we both fell while climbing down. Capt Williamson and I will both be in hospital for at least a week. Flight time 29 minutes."

Filimor Hance writes: "1600: Another nice day. Some artillery, but not as much as yesterday. 1 hour 16 minutes."

Gonneham, No 4 Sqdn RFC
Ries Meismer writes: "Tenth day on restriction."

Odis Först writes: "The snow has lightened, but is still coming down."

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