I meant to post yesterday as I had two outstandingly exciting and enjoyable missions and I was also suprised to see that some really large formations weren't having any noticeable effect on my performance. I had a brilliant fight with a 109 in one mission, so much so I was almost saluting the monitor as he went down, possibly the best combat flight I have had in any sim, ever. And then in the next mission it was just astonishingly good fun diving through a formation of he111s, I was grinning from ear to ear...

Unfortunately I was damaged onthe third pass and I think I had no gear or flaps working, and something else was wrong with airlerons possibly, anyway, I tried to land at an airbase, but crashed and died. I was gutted, it was 26/09 for my guy from the 303 sqd and I really thought this guy would make it. Anyway I was too upset, yes that's right, upset, to post yesterday so am doing so now that I have calmed down.

I've started another chap up and think I've just got my first kill in my second mission (another fantastic experience), so here's hoping I can get through the battle this time.

So thanks OBD, you really have made a gem out of such an old game.