In all versions up to and including 1.28E the 640x320 tilemap was read from the "" file which had 1 byte for each tile. If the byte = 0 then you got Tile0 facing north, if the byte = 1 you got Tile1 facing north,.......... and if it = 63 you got tile 63 facing north.
If the byte = 64 then you got Tile0 facing east, and if it = 127 you got Tile63 facing east. The pattern continued with bytes of 128...191 being Tiles 0...63 facing south, and bytes of 192...255 being Tiles 0...63 facing west.
So this system imposed a limit of 64 tiles (Tile0....Tile63) in order to have the possibility of the N E S W orientation if there was only 1 byte available.

Will Gee came up with a new system with four bytes per tile. The first three are the tile ID so it is possible to have 16777216 different tiles instead of 64, not that anyone would design so many.
The fourth is either a 0, 64, 128 or 192 for the N E S W orientation.
1.28F was the first exe to use this system, and the exe reads the "" file and not the "".
There are a few theatres which use more than the old 64 tiles, and additional tiles have been added to the previous ones.

1.29 was basically 1.28F, but with the flexible tilemap size.

As it was mainly Knegel who programmed the flight modelling very little has been done in that area in terms of aircraft performance for several years. I have done more programming of the torpedo code, so that AI torpedo planes get to the right level and speed for the torpedo release. Things have been done in other aspects of flight modelling with values allowing a plane to be a floatplane which can only take off from water or land on it. other values allow a plane to be an amphibian which can use land or water; and other values simulate a catapult launch. Additionally 160 has a very large range of weapons thanks to Ray.

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