The "new map" exes need the new pilot-map files. The system came in with 1.29 which was the first EAW exe that was able to use tilemaps of different sizes.
Because of this it needed an alternative pilot-map system when the tilemap was not 640x320 (as with the experimental LittleBoB and WW1 theatres).
Instead of using the "Europe1.pic" the new map exes use "TargMap.pic" and "TargMap1.pic"
In 160 the default ETO "TargMap.pic" and "TargMap1.pic" files are in the "GameData" folder, and are used whenever a 640x320 tilemap ETO theatre is chosen.
However, there may be no similar back-up in the "Pic.CDF" file in 1.29.
The CTD occurs because one of the maps is used as the background for the loading process when you hit "Fly", unless you are in 1040x768 which uses the"fuel dial" loading screen background.

I will check some of my other 1.29 "PicCDF" files,because there may be a version which has the new maps in it, and this would fix that CTD.

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