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Here's a question about watching your own videos:

I tend to watch the stuff I made of the aircraft not so much to groove on it, but to evaluate what I've done well, not so well, and just plain badly.

Not to say I don't enjoy it - there's a bit of "narcissism" I suppose - but mostly it's to figure out what I did after the fact....one is just doing rather than thinking a lot of the time.*

* Wife used that word when I was watching my own videos, to which I replied that she's just jealous. smile

Some of my videos I watch more than others. I was pissed when I forgot to push the record button on my GoPro when I had my worst crash of the season. Things happen so fast on the track...watching the video when I get home gives me clues on what I did wrong. My Season wrap up video I've watched a few times...not because of the riding...I'm new to video editing and I was pretty happy with how the clips/music turned out. Other vids, my riding was pretty bad/cringy and I'm fine with not seeing them again...lol.

I will say I'm sort of a hypocrite though. I've never been a fan of social media like Facebook and Twitter with people putting there every passing thought and meal online...yet here I am with some of that "look at me" stuff with my Youtube videos. wave2

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