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Made it home...
Downed an He111, but he shot me up a bit.
Lost Oil pressure crossing the coast.
Engine died, Landing gear would not deploy.
Managed to get her onto the field.
Plane was a bit dinged up, but I was unscathed.
First "successful" gear up landing.

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Stache, this is how you land a Hurricane when its hydraulics have been shot up. You do it off to the side of the runway and in the grass. What is really cool is that I was heading right for some trees and then I just kicked the rudder and I turned right between them.
I am not sure how accurate this is, but as I was seeing my virtual pilots life flash before my eyes it allowed me to live to fight another day. The only problem is that the Master Crew Chief said she was totaled anyway. AAAARRRRGGGGGG ! winkngrin

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