Wow, I did get 2 chances to check 3.3.5 - the first time my fps was horrible, but I'm guessing it was a shader caching issue, because the second time was surprisingly good even though the server was quite packed (landing pads were full all the time). I expected worse performance. Lorville looked awesome, although the restricted area altitude is a bit annoying, but that's the necessary compromise to achieve this I guess. Given that the prospector is in the PTU, I got to fly it there but didn't have the time to make it to mining - one issue with Lorville is that while it looks great, gameplay wise it's a massive waste of time to run to the train station, make it to starport, wait there until you can get a pad, walk there etc... I wish the spawn was a the airport, and then you commute to other areas when you want to shop, take missions etc, and maybe they'll change it this way anyway in the future and wanted to channel us through that experience in alpha to showcase their design for cities