2 November 1914

Odis Först writes: "0830: Long flight to the forest east of Compiegne. There is a large enemy battery there and they want some of our people to bomb it. Hptmn Straub and I spend some time marking The locations of the guns. 2 hours 51 minutes.

Saint-Omer Extension
Ries Meismer writes: "0853: Cloudy, threatening rain. Some fighting along the front, but not much. 1 hour 20 minutes."

Corrigan Aujla writes: "0929: Much the same as yesterday. Weather a little better. 1 hour 26 minutes."

Filimor Hance writes: "1356: Weather a little better today. Not much activity. 1 hour 11 minutes."

Noel Kay writes: "1445: A little nicer today. Usual artiller exchange between Loos and Lens. 1 hour 15 minutes."

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