Well, we can at least tell real jokes.

The Rittmeister is KIA and goes to heaven. He reaches the Pearly Gates and is ordered to halt by St. Peter. "What's the problem," MvR asks? "Can't let you in!" "What? I'm the leading aerial ace of the war. I wear the Blue Max! What do you mean I can't get in?" "You're a Rittmeister," St. Peter answers. "You have to be on a horse. Back you go!"

Well, von Richthofen floats through the ether and lands in the Berliner Dom on a Sunday, sitting in a pew right next to the Kaiser himself. The Kaiser is in shock, when he sees von Richthofen. :What is this? Why are you here? You're ... todt!"

MvR explains what happens and the Kaiser loses his temper. "How dare that upstart refuse entry to one of this country's most decorated heroes!" The Kaiser grabs MvR by the arm and the two men head from the Dom back to the Pearly Gates.

When they arrive, an angry Kaiser demands that St. Peter open the gates for von Richthofen. St. Peter shakes his head. "Why won't you let this Blue Max recipient in?" the Kaiser demands to know. "Well," St. Peter answers, for one he doens't follow directions. I told him to come back with a horse and he returned with a jackass!"