13th November 2018

Announcement: For all our loyal customers of WOTR. Sometime next year, all being well, we plan to release some FREE content to those of you who bought Wings Over The Reich.

Work is underway on the flyable Spitfire MKIa. We hope to also add "Battle for France" again FREE for all current WOTR owners.

Of course details are TBC and this may be subject to change.

www.wingsoverthereich.com website will be updated in the next few days as we also have a new WOTR update (V1.7) coming soon with the additonal feature of being able to populate B flight (and A flight if possible) with unique skins - if skins are are available for that particular squadron.
If all is well we also hope to include some of additional skins in the update V1.7 itself to suit this new ability.

Some dedicated WOTR users, Robert and Nolan, are working on adding Hurricane skins to WOTR for use with this feature. Like the skinning for WOFF, a large undertaking I am sure you will understand making a dozen or more skins per squadron - but initially we hope there will be a handful of new Hurricane squadrons fully kitted out with enough skins to support this. The Hurricane and the ME109 will initially have this ability (the first few skins are only for Hurricane squadrons though).



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