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Mike amazing that it was included in the kit. I have never seen a "Wings nut Wings" kit. What is your experience with them in regards to mold integrity, fit and finish? If there are any short comings, what might they be?

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I've just started Hasegawa's 1:16 scale Camel (these old eyes and and clumsy hands don't do smaller scales so well any more), and I have to say that the work you're doing here in 1:32 is truly inspirational! Do you plan to cloth&dope the model or leave it bare?
In any event, 'eager to see more of your progress.

If you ask anyone who is into WW1 aircraft models they will doubtless say Wingnut Wings (WNW) are right at the top regards quality, accuracy and reference/instructions information.
They started out in 2009 since when they've released many models, all in 1:32 scale. In fact they will be releasing the WW2 Lancaster in the same scale in 2019 - a departure for them from WW1.
I've many models in my stash, from the likes of not only WNW, but Roden, HPH, Omega, Aviattic, Special Hobby, Hobby Craft, Academy and Planet, but none compare to WNW.
If they have a 'problem' it's only that the tolerances of the kit parts are so well engineered that care needs to be taken regards part joints. The slightest build up of primer, paint or sealing coats in any joint will cause the parts not to fully seat together.
The kits are not cheap but I guess you pay for what you get.

I've not built in 1:16 but I have seen some pretty spectacular models built.
As for this model, it'll be 'fully clothed', although I am planning to build a dual Fokker D.VII model with one complete and one 'skeleton' stripped and showing all of the structure, controls etc, with a figure of Anthony Fokker stood between them.
I'm also planning another dual display of a Fokker Eindecker alongside a modern day Luftwaffe Typhoon, with the two pilots looking at each others aircraft.
One day that is!!


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