Some news on Ukrainian modernization of C-125M: a new version of "Neva" with overhauled, completely digitized SNR and missiles with new engines and a guidance package, that comes in Semi-Active and Active monopulse variants. Among claimed improvements, the Active radar-guided variant is credited with expansion in engagement envelope: max range up to 40km and max altitude up to 25km, also boosts in the number of possible engagements due to the shorter illumination time required as missile's own radar goes active (a capability of max up to 8 targets fired in sequence in the active mode is claimed)

In the video, you can see the new SNR (both outside and inside views, including some displays) in action during the live fire trials:

Fire trials of restored and modernized ukrainian C-125, also C-300 and OSA systems

The missiles were overhauled by KB "Luch" (one of the main Ukrainian solid fuel missile producers), and the radars were modernized by KB "Radioniks". In next Youtube video, you can glance at the active guidanded warhead version on display (it is proposed not only for C-125 system, but also for the modernization of P-27 Air-toAir missile and the associated overhaul of radars of MiG-29/Su-27 in Ukrainian service):

The current plan of Ukrainian services seems to be to resurrect every soviet-era system that is still capable of firing from conservation (including C-125, "Kub", " C-300PT and V1, even "long hand" C-200 Vega to keep any possible Russian jamming support and AWACS planes), and then begin with modernization projects. As always, the biggest problem problem is having enough $$$ to pay for all the stuff. More is here:

Resurrection and modernization of Ukrainian PVO